Est. 1992

Saudi Arabia's most famous cycling club!


Race Schedule

Season 2017 - 2018

Championship is determined by best 8 from 14 events. Check your results in the RW Championship (Credits to Mario Turco):

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The committee is always looking for new and safe courses, please advise if you know of any good areas.

Race #DateEventStart TimeVenue
1September 2214km Hilly TT + Registration from 6am7amRF
2October 640km RR7amACS Blacktop
3October 2025 Mile TT8amBonita
4November 3Hill Climb8am21st Street
5November 1710km TT + 30km RR8amACS Blacktop
6December 110 Mile TT8amBonita
7December 1560km RR8amACS Blacktop
8January 570km RR8amACS Blacktop
9January 1925 Mile TT8amBonita
10February 280km RR8amACS Blacktop
11February 23Hilly TT8amND
12March 950km RR8amACS Blacktop
13March 23ITEA 100km RR7amACS Blacktop
14April 625 Mile TT7amBonita


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repairSelect season or day membership. Print, fill and sign. Bring it to the next race and pay the membership fee.