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Results 70km RR

Open Category Strikes Back! It's no secret that over the past years the RW races were dominated by the older semesters, mainly Veteran and Masters, but also with Seniors winning races. But not today! The Open Category lined up 7 riders at the top of the results. On the very top we find Omar Aljarallah…
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Results 60km RR

Hunnicutt 1st, Day Members Hit It Temperatures as low as 11°C cannot stop the Riyadh Wheelers from having a scheduled race. At least Mother Nature sent its regards to the club by ceasing the sand storm right the night before the race. So the first longer road race of the Wheelers, planned for 60k, could…
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Results 10mls TT

Windy Speedfest around Bonita After the rainy last week the club celebrated the return of the blue skies with a speedfest around Bonita. The two big contenders Daa and Ahlin sent their apologies, leaving the windy arena to the other TT specialists. The battle against the clock and the heavy wind went to Geron Guanlao,…
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Results Short TT and 33km Road Race

Saudi Riders Excel at 2-event Day A short time trial followed by a short road race would not to be expected to unduly worry the membership of the Riyadh Wheelers, in fact strong tailwinds on the downhill part turned the 2-event day into a maximum speed test, with only the bravest to score high. Combining…
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Results Hill Climb

Obsessed. Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated. Here at the Wheelers there are no lazy. So we don’t even know this word. But we know dedication. Dedication is to drive from Jeddah to Riyadh to participate in a race announced not to be longer than 10 minutes for the big…
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Results 25 mls TT

Syfrig A Phenomenon, Marinas claims Cat B The wheelers set out on this fine sunny morning to agree on who would be the fastest going 5 laps around Bonita. But before coming to the results its worthwhile to discuss what makes this club one of its kind. First and foremost it’s the sportsmanship. Bruno, one…
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Results 40km RR

Daa claims victory, Saudi riders superb An unexpected surge of full members hit the club in the second race, now memberships topping already the 100. Thus registration was quite busy, but could handle the queue till 7AM as planned, so that the race briefing and the race could go ahead without delay. Although the chosen…
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Results 14km Hilly TT

Ahlin ahead of Daa, Arujo scraped into lead of Lenzlinger Not all wheelers have retuned from summer and Hajj break yet, but the first wheelers event of the new season rolled out with the battle of the big guns fighting for championship points. The course used was the traditional season opener, which required the 70…
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