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Results Short TT & 30km Road Race

Results still draft and combined results not yet created. Pls check and contact committee in case of incorrect DNF. [span3][custom_list] Results Short TT (v2)  Results 30km RR (v2) [/custom_list][/span3]  
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Race Information Short TT & 30km RR

Dear Riyadh Wheelers, The two-event day is coming up this Friday. Expect a time trial of around 10km and a follow-on road race of around 30km. Each race will score a maximum of 200 points and both results will be combined to determine the podium of the 2-event day. If two riders have the same…
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Results Hill Climb

New Hill Climb Course Attracted Large Turnout If you warm-up three times longer than the actual race time is, then you most probably going to participate in the Riyadh Wheelers Hill Climb. The Saudi squad has been spotted riding all the way up from Amariyah to 21st street, eventually getting a warm-up about ten times…
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Race Information Hill Climb

Dear Riyadh Wheelers, Its time to turn the page again! After the road where we used to have the Nigel Howell Memorial Hill climb has become unusable we moved last year to Dirab. This course was ok, but had the disadvantage to start at the steepest part of the course with no warm-up. So this…
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Results 25mls TT

Windy TT Festival The Riyadh Wheelers set out on this fine sunny morning to agree who would be the fastest going 5 laps around Bonita. Chad did not want the leave the slightest doubt on who is the fastest and put more than a minute into Nasser who came second. But in all fairness, Nasser…
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Race Information 25mls TT

Dear Riyadh Wheelers, The first 25mls TT is coming up this Friday! The ultimate test of your fitness, no race strategy involved, its you against the clock! Registration is open from 7:15 AM, race briefing at 8AM, start shortly thereafter. Venue is outside Bonita. If you don’t know where it is, drop us a message.…
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Results 40km RR

Al Mutrad Dominates 40km Road Race Nasser Al Mutrad narrowly missed out on the top spot in the opening TT two weeks earlier when Omar Al Jarallah beat him by only two seconds. Al Mutrad took no chances in the first road race of the season. With an impressive show of power, he broke away…
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Race Information 40km Road Race

Dear Riyadh Wheelers, Race 2, the 40k road race, is around the corner and will go ahead this Friday. You will have to complete 4 laps, 10k each. Slighlty uphill finish, like always on this course. Venue is again Blacktop, right hand side. If you don’t know where it is, drop us a message. Don’t…
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Results 14k Hilly TT

Smooth Start into the Season A good turnout of 80+ riders entered the first race of the season this morning. Like every year Ranco is the perfect location to have a calm and quiet place to process the surge of members at the first registration. Thanks to Maria and Alan the queue has been processed…
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Race Information 14k TT

Dear Riyadh Wheelers, The season starter will go ahead this Friday. The time trial will be only 14k short, but though! Be prepared to chase your personal best two laps around Ranco Farm. If you don’t know where Ranco Farm is, drop us a message and we will guide you. Registration is open from 6:00AM.…
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