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Results 25mls TT

Chad Albury Chased by Flying Seniors race report tbd [span3][custom_list] Results 25mls TT (v1) [/custom_list][/span3]
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Race Information 25mls TT

Dear Riyadh Wheelers, The next 25mls TT is coming up this Friday! The ultimate test of your fitness, no race strategy involved, it's you against the clock! Registration is open from 7:30 AM, race briefing at 8AM, start shortly thereafter. Venue is outside Bonita. If you don’t know where it is, drop us a message.…
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Results 70km Road Race

Blowin in The Wind Omar takes another victory away on this very windy day! The long distance and the harsh winds, spiced up with some defects, took its toll on the peloton today. Only 50 riders managed to see the finish line. Again an all local podium with four day members arriving after Omar. Thus…
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Race Information 70km Road Race

Dear Riyadh Wheelers, Mid-season is here! After having rested for three weeks its time to call the club for the second half of the season. Race 8, the 70k road race, is around the corner and will go ahead this Friday. Venue is again Blacktop, same course than for the 60k RR. If you don’t…
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Results 60km Road Race

All Pinoy Podium A still okay but smaller than usual peloton of 62 riders headed of this morning for the 60km RR. The dip in attendance was owed to the sandwich position. Meaning you are in between the Triathlon Gala Night of the day before and a race of the Darajati Championship organized for the…
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Race Information 60km Road Race

Dear Riyadh Wheelers, Having warmed up into the season with a number of time trial and shorter road races, it's time to test the improved fitness of the club with a longer road race. We will go back to Blacktop. Right handside when you enter the area. If you don’t know where it is, drop…
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Results 10mls TT

Albury Smashes Competition With the Bahrain 70.3 Ironman just past one week ago, the club went back to Bonita to agree who would be the fastest going 16 mls around the compound. What the results showed can only be described as a “performance gap”. Chad Albury, who destroyed the biking competition in Bahrain already, sent…
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Race Information 10mls TT

Dear Riyadh Wheelers, Another time trial is on the menu this Friday! The 10 mile TT will be short, but fast! Be prepared to chase you personal best 2 laps around Bonita. Don’t forget to bring your timing chip! No chip, no result! Registration is open from 7:30AM, race briefing at 8AM, start shortly thereafter.…
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Results Short TT & 30km Road Race

The Perfect Score The 2-Event Day is the perfect occasion for the two branches of cycling to shine. The expected average result is, that you excel in your favourite event, road or time trial, and get a fair result in the other type. The better you are in your combined result, the higher your final…
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Race Information Short TT & 30km RR

Dear Riyadh Wheelers, The two-event day is coming up this Friday. Expect a time trial of around 10km and a follow-on road race of around 30km. Each race will score a maximum of 200 points and both results will be combined to determine the podium of the 2-event day. If two riders have the same…
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