Report: race 2

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Powerful riding earned top podium place for James Cusden, L to R Roy Santos, Fiona MacLeod, Jaime Sunga, James Cusden




The second event of the Novartis Consumer Health-Riyadh Wheelers season proved to be a lively affair, due to the Saudi junior squad signing-on bringing with them a reputation of high speed racing and a constant attacking style.  Straight from the gun, the field of 59 were soon spread out around the 3.5km circuit which had to covered 12 times;  with a pack of 18 forming after the initial shake-up and from this group the podium places were to be decided.  Unfortunately, there were a few who did not want to contribute to the work-load and had to be encouraged by the senior members who explained the ethos of the club, which does not promote sit-in sprinters.  Luckily, there were enough hard workers who were able to bring back attack after attack from the ever active Jaime Sunga, James Cusden, Rodd Taylor, Kelvin Bowers, Rodel Flores and the Saudi squad.  While all this was going on at the front of the race, small groups had formed behind the leaders and all were working well together, with new members mixing it with the more experienced, the only mishap being Reiner Gocian who crashed on one of the many corners and Flores who punctured.  With 10km to go, Cusden decided not to risk a sprint finish with so many fresh legs hiding in the bunch, so picked his moment and blasted away, never to be seen again.  The race for second place then became very tactical, and with 1km to go the tension was released when Mohammed Al Awami put in a huge attack, tracked by Herbert Rom and Rob Patrick who staked everything on this being the right move by jumping into the young Saudi's slipstream.  Unfortunately, Al Awami seeing that team-mate Mohammed Mabyooq was not on his wheel, sat up with just 300 meters to go and the three became swamped by the pack in the charge for the line.  Sunga then showed the form which has brought him many victories in the past to take a brilliant second place behind Cusden, ahead of compatriots Roy Delos Santos, Redeen Platil and Raymond Ramos.  Just tailed off in the final few laps was the 'ride of the day', Cat B winner Fiona MacLeod, who rode an intelligent race and showed her class after a successful racing career in Canada.




1st J.Cusden; 2nd J.Sunga; 3rd R.Delos Santos; 4th R.Platil; 5th

R.Ramos; 6th M.Mabyooq; 7th R.Taylor; 8th K.Bowers; 9th H.Rom; 10th

R.Patrick; 11th M. Al Awami; 12th R.Rocas; 13th S.AlSalem; 14th

G.Agullo; 15th G.Morete; 16th L.Cortsen; 17th J.Cordial; 18th

F.MacLeod(B); 19th R.Gocian; 20th B.Syfrig; 21st I.Albert; 22nd

P.Soycon; 23rd J.Hymns; 24th P.Green; 25th S.Waight; 26th

F.Oberlaender; 27th K.Hills; 28th D.Del Rosario; 29th P.Casey; 30th

S.Baker; 31st N.Desanghere(B); 32nd P.Waddell; 33rd L.Davis; 34th

H.Kilpatrick; 35th M.Varde; 36th A.De Leon; 37th H.Bert Marinas; 38th

F.Gocian(B); 39th G.Escobar; 40th M.Cria; 41th M.Cottrell; 42st

J.Javier; 43nd C.Laoagan; 44rd M.Cooke; 45th R.Pedrosa; 46th

F.Requillo; 47th L.Ordonez; 48th R.Ruan; 49th D.Sionelo; 50th

J.Damance; 51th R.Bitong; 52st R.Gicana; 53nd N.Al Mutrad; 54rd

G.Russell; 55th C.Rillera; 56th F.Gregorio; 57th M.Galang; 58th

A.Hanoun DNF R.Flores



OPEN James Cusden; VETERAN Jaime Sunga; MASTER Kelvin Bowers; SENIOR

Peter Waddell; CAT B Fiona MacLeod


Arab News - 17-10-2008