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Results 80km Road Race

Saudi Squad in Full Swing

The Saudi segment of the club is without a doubt in superb shape. So the rest of the club could witness another impressive performance of the Saudi squad around top performer Omar Aljarallah. After a neutral lap, it did not take longer than half a lap till a significant gap was opened between the Saudi leader group and the rest of the peloton. A few riders in the chasing group took the burden of trying to close the gap, but had to recognize the impossibility of this endeavour. The chasing engine was also significantly hurt, when David Morris, the new Chairman of our sister club Riyadh Triathletes, suffered from a blow out of his rear tire, three quarters of a lap to go to the finish line.

Thus the group of the five top riders went unchallenged to the finish line and sprinted for the podium ranks only amongst themselves. Omar claimed the victory just another time, 200 points for the fifths (!) time this season. Saud Almousa came second and Sultan Nifa third. On the podium picture Abdallah Bin Fayiz stepped in in 4th place to compensate for Saud, who had left the venue already.

Cat B was won by Maria Araujo just another time, but also profited from the fact that Amanda Schaefer left some essential race equipment at home and wasn’t fully competitive today.

Junior results: Male category won by Hans Mendoza, female category won by Alexandra Lando.

Full results below:


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