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Results 60km Road Race

All Pinoy Podium

A still okay but smaller than usual peloton of 62 riders headed of this morning for the 60km RR. The dip in attendance was owed to the sandwich position. Meaning you are in between the Triathlon Gala Night of the day before and a race of the Darajati Championship organized for the next day.

After the neutral the tempo did not increase significantly till mid of lap two. A few furious downhill attacks busted the peloton into a number of smaller groups. The front group left with less than 20 riders, quickly broke up over the next laps in smaller grupettos, all of them fighting at their own speed. But Pinoy power concentrated in the front and resulted in an epic battle between Ryan Serapio and Jeff Lopez. Ryan could distance Jeff only in the last lap, but then put more than 30 seconds into Jeff. Michael Dela Rosa could win the sprint of his group and complemented the All-Pinoy-Podium!

Cat B only had two competitors today, Florie Marinas and Maria Araujo, who arrived in the very same order. Fastest Junior male today was Hans Mendoza, whilst Federica Lando managed to arrive before Alexandra to win the Junior female category.

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