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Results 10mls TT

Albury Smashes Competition

With the Bahrain 70.3 Ironman just past one week ago, the club went back to Bonita to agree who would be the fastest going 16 mls around the compound. What the results showed can only be described as a “performance gap”. Chad Albury, who destroyed the biking competition in Bahrain already, sent Omar Aljarallah to second place with 1:21min difference, or 2.3kph more average. After the race he revealed that his plan was to average 45kph what he missed by 0.8kph due to the heavy wind. Third place went to Bruno Syfrig, who joined as a day member, so that Jeff Lopez could gain the points of the 3rd place in the club ranking. Bruno could not be found for podium picture. The way we know him, we can only assume he just went off for another 4hrs training session.

Maria Araujo secured another 200 points for the Cat B championship. Federica Lando claimed Junior female, whilst Junior male went to Mohammed El Ahmed.

Full results below:

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