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Race Information 10mls TT

Dear Riyadh Wheelers,

Another time trial is on the menu this Friday! The 10 mile TT will be short, but fast! Be prepared to chase you personal best 2 laps around Bonita.

Don’t forget to bring your timing chip! No chip, no result!

Registration is open from 7:30AM, race briefing at 8AM, start shortly thereafter. Venue is outside Bonita. If you don’t know where it is, drop us a message.

TT bikes and aero bars are permitted. Absolutely no drafting!

Provisional start list is attached, order will not be changed. Penalty for late start will apply. Drop by at the registration and mark your chip number with a highlighter in the start list. Update your chip number if you use a different chip. We start from the bottom of the list, 30 seconds gap. Members who do not show up will be taken off the list before start. Day members and new members will be added at the front and start first.

See you on Friday!

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