Est. 1992

Saudi Arabia's most famous cycling club!

Results Short TT & 30km Road Race

The Perfect Score

The 2-Event Day is the perfect occasion for the two branches of cycling to shine. The expected average result is, that you excel in your favourite event, road or time trial, and get a fair result in the other type. The better you are in your combined result, the higher your final rank gets. If you stretch yourself especially in your less liked event, the better the chances to gain some extra points. The very unlikely cause is, that you are a specialist in both events. So the witnesses are still in awe to see Omar Aljarallah flying to 200 points each in the time trail and the road race! Well done Omar! Nasser Almutrad had a fabulous come back to the club over the last two seasons and scored with combined 395 the second highest score. Mahmoud Khalil a Day Member secured 3rd place with 392 points. Considering club member only, the 3rd place in the club was claimed Saud Almousa, making it an all-Saudi club podium!

Cat B only did see 2 competitors this time, but with no surprise had Maria Araujo in the top spot.

Junior male category was won by Abod Murad, with Hans Mendoza being second but with top score in the Junior Championship as full member. Alexandra and Federica Lando scored 399 points both. But the rule says the faster TT wins, leaving Federica in second place.

Full results below:


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