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Results Hill Climb

New Hill Climb Course Attracted Large Turnout

If you warm-up three times longer than the actual race time is, then you most probably going to participate in the Riyadh Wheelers Hill Climb. The Saudi squad has been spotted riding all the way up from Amariyah to 21st street, eventually getting a warm-up about ten times longer then the race. This might have been the key to success, than Saud AlMousa climbed almost 10 seconds faster than John Jeffrey Lopez to the top of our new Hill Climb course. And he was not done yet. After the race he headed off to the next training session and escaped all efforts, like calling him on his mobile, to have him in the podium picture. Thus the Chairmen had to step in to pose as a Saud replacement having a complete podium picture with Geron Guanlao coming 3rd.

After the race Geron revealed he had fixed his plans to leave Saudi by end of the year. So the Riyadh Wheelers family will suffer from the departure and will loose an enthusiastic and dedicated cyclist always fighting for top rankings in all races. His cycling gear will go the next days, but he will stay a few days longer. So he will be around next race just to say goodbye.

In Cat B Maria Araujo earned her first 200 points making it back to the top spot in the championship. Junior male winner was Hans Mendoza, while Alexandra Lando was victorious over Federica Lando by just two seconds in the Junior female category.

All results compiled below:


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