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Results 25mls TT

Windy TT Festival

The Riyadh Wheelers set out on this fine sunny morning to agree who would be the fastest going 5 laps around Bonita. Chad did not want the leave the slightest doubt on who is the fastest and put more than a minute into Nasser who came second. But in all fairness, Nasser had a much later start time and had to fight much more the hefty gusts blowing away all personal bests planned for this race. Geroen who missed the hour by 27 seconds complemented the podium.

In category B, again Florie Marinas exercised a perfect race demonstrating her superb fitness. Heidi Kortelahti only missed out by 32 seconds to come second behind Flori.

The club was caught by surprise when the Oshee promotion team showed up and provided ice cooled Oshee refreshments before, during and after the race. Nasser needed an extra shot after his splendid ride and enjoyed a bottle of green Oshee while the “Sub-Hour Club” picture was taken.

All results compiled below:

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