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Results 14k Hilly TT

Smooth Start into the Season

A good turnout of 80+ riders entered the first race of the season this morning. Like every year Ranco is the perfect location to have a calm and quiet place to process the surge of members at the first registration. Thanks to Maria and Alan the queue has been processed in record time this year, but also enabled by our very cooperative members who came all on time (!). Thus the race briefing could go ahead even before the predicted 7:30AM.

Last season we learned that the championship can also be won in the very last race! The once looking to the trophy from the start, of course did not skip this race and took the chance to collect points as early as possible. Today we did see some very strong Saudi riders, pressing ahead on the picturesque course and making podium 1 and 2! Congrats to Omar and Nasser! After skipping a number of seasons we can welcome back Nasser in our circle, and it was obvious he is in fantastic shape and may have plans for this season. But to the relief of the contenders he has elected to join as a day member for now, not collecting points.

Maria welcomed the fact the Cat B championship will become much more lively this year. So in a tripled up Cat B field Heidi seemed to had have the best legs today and putting almost one minute into Maria in second place.

Of course also the Junior championship is reset again and one more contender joined the Junior peleton. And our newcomer, Nico Andrei Cordial, got comfortable at the top of the peleton from the start.

Lost & Found: A black aero helmet has been found when cleaning up the venue. The owner may contact us to collect it.

Results of 14k Hilly TT:

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