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Results 25mls TT

Decisive Laps Around Bonita

It’s a long-standing tradition to close the season with a time trial. Wherever you stand in the ranking, it’s only your own ability to improve your season standing. No riding in the slipstream, no preservation of energy, no mass sprint. It is only you against the clock. Kris went into the race leading over a long time the season standings, but had two competitors closing the gap recently. Everyone pushed their pedals as hard as they could, but Norberto and Geron pushed the hardest and passed Kris in the last race! This season was packed with lots of race action and drama, and culminated and this fantastic thriller-like last race. What a ride! Now it is time to cool down in the off-season. See you back in September keep up the training!

Top three overall

  1. Norberto Daa
  2. Geron Guanlao
  3. Kris Ahlin

Cat B Champion

  1. Maria Araujo

Junior Champion

  1. Hans Mendoza

Congratulations to Norberto, Club Champion Season 2016/2017!

Results of 25mls TT below:

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