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RW Spring Classic: ITEA100 Attracts Huge Peloton

Strong contenders. Awesome race. The height of the season was here, and my goodness what a race! 80 riders plus supporters were heading to Blacktop this morning to celebrate the ITEA100 cycling festival. The most iconic race we have on the schedule. A record turnout of 23 day members queued at registration to enter the race. Many of them were travelling from the West Coast, East Coast and even Qatar to compete in our spring classic.

So except for the physical challenge everyone was prepared to face, what could we expect from the race for the championship? Cat B Champion, Maria, done. Junior Champion, Hans, done. So lets have a look to the overall ranking. The battle between Daa and Ahlin has been going over the season, both aiming for the crown of the championship. It might not be that obvious in the championship database, because Daa left out more races then Ahlin. Both are actually not residents of Riyadh, but frequent travellers to our nice city. So they both miss a race once in a while, but always score high. Ahlin completed already 8 races and announced not to be present for the ITEA100, whilst Daa only got 6 in his books and knows he has to score high the last two races to make it to the top. So lets recap the race.

During the race briefing Edoardo Lando expressed a warm welcome to the peloton on behalf of ITEA. Followed by two raffles today. First the Sport Season raffle that made Frank Shelton the happy new owner of some bike gear and then, thanks to a donation from Alan Garcia, we raffled away five grocery bags, filled with that protein and energy you need to recover quickly from a 100km challenge. Before the race the committee had decided to go a full lap neutral, to give all day visitors a chance to see the complete course before the race action would kick in. After the release of the riders into the race the long downhill was to be mastered, what did not offered a good opportunity to pull away. But as soon as the uphill stretch was entered after the u-turn, the big guns took out their weapons and pulled away. The sudden increase in speed uphill chopped off the struggling peloton in various groups stretching out more and more over each lap. The top group with Guanlao, Daa, Oledan, Albury, Roetter, Hunnicutt and the like hammered around the course lap by lap, leaving behind stunned overtaken riders. But with race time passing by, also the top group separated into smaller chunks just leaving the top riders Hunnicutt, Daa, Tots and AlJabar in one group. Followed by two other groups, one around Guanlao, the other one around Albury chasing not the top scores anymore, but the best rank still possible.

So on the final straight Daa still had the best legs and with a massive outburst on the last meters he outsprinted Hunnicutt and Oledan, scoring his necessary 100 points! The other two group sprints where won by Guanlao and AlHarbi, with a lonesome Gallagher finishing in between the two groups.

The Cat B race went to Marinas, followed by Araujo and Kortelahti, who was more practising for the triathlon season.

The Juniors didn’t want to surprise anybody and just came in in the same order like last race. So congrats to Hans, Federica and Alexandra.

You may have completed the 100k or maybe only the distance your legs were good for this day, but well done everybody who lined up to face this challenge! A big Thank You to ITEA again for sponsoring this awesome event! We truly hope that ITEA keeps up its sponsorship for this race for the next years!

Detailed results posted below. We would like to draw your attention to the RW Championship database again. Mario Turco volunteered to build and maintain this very powerful tool. Check your ranking, only one race left to improve your final standing.

A word speaks more than thousand words. So below we have prepared another report worth of 335,000 words for you! (click on the picture to open full witdh view)

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