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Race Information ITEA 100km Road Race

Dear Riyadh Wheelers,

We all made our way thru the season. Only two races left, only two opportunities to improve your ranking in the championship. And the last before the last one is the height of the season. ITEA proudly sponsors again our 100km road race! We truly hope that you have build up your endurance in our race series and that you can shine at your peak performance this Friday!

Venue is again Blacktop where we did the 50k RR two weeks ago. If you don’t know where it is, drop us a message.

Don’t forget to bring your timing chip! No chip, no result!

The race is the longest in our season schedule. So we will start earlier. Registration is open from 6:30AM, race briefing at 7AM, start shortly thereafter.

See you all on Friday.


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