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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Results ITEA 100k RR

RW Spring Classic: ITEA100 Attracts Huge Peloton Strong contenders. Awesome race. The height of the season was here, and my goodness what a race! 80 riders plus supporters were heading to Blacktop this morning to celebrate the ITEA100 cycling festival. The most iconic race we have on the schedule. A record turnout of 23 day…
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Race Information ITEA 100km Road Race

Dear Riyadh Wheelers, We all made our way thru the season. Only two races left, only two opportunities to improve your ranking in the championship. And the last before the last one is the height of the season. ITEA proudly sponsors again our 100km road race! We truly hope that you have build up your…
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Results 50km RR

Ahlin Won Twice We want to be perfect at the Riyadh Wheelers. Meaning we think it thru, we plan a lot, we check a lot. And then events like these happen. Two days before the race Alan discovers that cuts in the roads are making the course unusable. The course is swiftly re-planned, but the…
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Race Information 50km Road Race

Dear Riyadh Wheelers, Race 12, the 50k road race, is around the corner and will go ahead this Friday. As our course is around 11km, be prepared for some extra k's! Venue is again Blacktop. If you don’t know where it is, drop us a message. Update: Because of ongoing road works, we will go…
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