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Results 25mls TT

Albury and Ahlin immune to wind

If an expression can describe the weather conditions at the 25mls TT than it is: The Perfect Storm. This sounds bad, and it was bad. Many riders had difficulties to handle their bikes and most observed a difference in speed of 30km/h in the two directions. Nevertheless the conditions shed light on a super power that is resting hidden in some of our members: Aerokinetic Immunity. Definition: “The power to be completely unharmed by air/wind.” Or else it cannot be explained that some riders, lets name them Chad Albury and Kris Ahlin, still came close to the hour. It took Norberto Daa a minute more to complete the same distance and coming 3rd, still earning a title of a demi-titan of wind. Podium picture left to right: Kris Ahlin, Chad Albury, Norberto Daa.

The Cat B top score was earned by Maria Araujo, who could keep Florie Marinas at distance by just 26 seconds.

Again all our three Juniors entered the race and all of them completed the full distance! This time Hans Mendoza could put in a 10-minute gap to Federica Lando, making the Juniors Championship a tight race.

Due to the bad conditions and difficulties to even conduct the race briefing we have postponed the Sport Season raffle to the next event, where we will have two draws then.

Congratulations to everyone who battled the storm! Results below:



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