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Saudi Arabia's most famous cycling club!

Results 70km RR

Open Category Strikes Back!

It's no secret that over the past years the RW races were dominated by the older semesters, mainly Veteran and Masters, but also with Seniors winning races. But not today! The Open Category lined up 7 riders at the top of the results. On the very top we find Omar Aljarallah (1st), Saud Almousa (2nd) and Mohammed Khider (3rd). Well done! So Veterans, Masters and Seniors revisit your training schedule.

The lucky number of the Sport Season Raffle was BIB #10. So Ralf Chan is the happy new  owner of some quality products!

Below the results of the so called 70km race. Apparently the course did only allow a 78.8km race. So some extra congrats to everyone who made it!

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