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Results Short TT and 33km Road Race

Saudi Riders Excel at 2-event Day


A short time trial followed by a short road race would not to be expected to unduly worry the membership of the Riyadh Wheelers, in fact strong tailwinds on the downhill part turned the 2-event day into a maximum speed test, with only the bravest to score high.


Combining the two disciplines into one day is a popular format, which ensures the specialists from both branches of the sport to shine.

In the first stage the TT specialists unleashed their power, seeing Geron Guanlao flying to victory as the only one beating the 16-minute mark. On his toes were Norberto Daa and Saud Almousa, positioning themselves already for the day ranking. Kris Ahlin, certainly on a podium course, was hit hard when his new puncture-proof tire was cut by some ordinary Saudi stone short after the u-turn. Although Cat B went unchallenged to Maria Araujo, she beat half the male club population. As this seems to run in the family Frederica Lando claimed her 100 points with a superb Junior performance.

After a short break, at least for the TT big guns, the road race set off to complete the results of the day. A group of around 20 riders separated early from the peleton and was chasing around the course to agree on who would be the fastest amongst them. Attacks by Kris Ahlin and Nasser AlMutrad spiced up the furious ride around the course. Nasser rewarded himself with the 1st place, closely followed by a strong Bryan Dimacali and Ahmed Ibrahim.

Podium picture left to right: Bryan Dimacali, Norberto Daa, Geron Guanlao, Saud Almousa, Paul Boldoan, Ahmed Ibrahim, Nasser AlMutrad.

Top Ten 2-event day:

Name  Score TT  Score RR  Total  Rank
Saud Almousa 98 97 195 1
Norberto Daa 99 95 194 2
Geron Guanlao 100 91 191 3
Paul Boldoan 94 96 190 4
Jeff Roetter 95 92 187 5
Jiri Kuba 96 89 185 6
Omar Aljarallah 89 94 183 7
Jeremy Mirasol 88 90 178 8
Clemens von Skwarczinsky 97 80 177 9
Michael Dela Rosa 93 84 177 10

Cat B: Maria Araujo
Junior: Frederica Lando


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Below you will find the individual race results and the combined results of the day.


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